Friday, April 24, 2009

so smart..

this is a true story.
this is not my story..
but it is mine to tell for the moment..
the story has a bright young man at its center...bright ,intelligent ,and ready to shine..
or almost ready to shine.
He is ready to shine but he has a hidden enemy.
His greatest friend is his mind and his worst foe is his mind.
it was the night before,the exam that would be his admittance to the institute of his choice for higher studies was a few hours away.
everyone around him,all those who knew him knew it well that he had it in him to crack that tough nut and get what he wanted out of his life .everyone believed in him ,everyone believed that he had it in him.the expectations mounted.he knew to perform to his optimum best,it was time for him to rest , to sleep , this night was important...and he HAD TO REST.
The one night that could make him or break him...
Sleep refused him , he tossed and turned for an hour ,got up to read some more.
This was when doubt crept in ...
can i really do i cant...all these expectations....nothing will happen...i cant do it.
A brilliant mind defeated .It happened that night.
The day was a sequel to what had gone before.
As i said it was the mind...the best friend or the worst foe.Three days passed as if in a daze,he knew not what he did and how they passed.But out of that haze a ray of light penetrated and told him that he could if only he would.
The capability is there but the will has to guide the mind.
Never again would he allow his mind to control him...he would control his mind..
his foe would finally be his friend....
Only a hero can win over one's own mind.

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Rajat Arora said...

Only a hero can win over one's own mind, by letting go of all expectations.
Letting go is the easiest, and also the most difficult thing to do. The mind is the only barrier.